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Cabin Fever

This project was part of a design challenge I came across on Instagram. The idea was to design a brand around a brief that was provided, and to use it as a tool to experiment with styles and just let creativity flow.

Cabin Fever provides a unique, local experience that allows guests to rent cabins in sleepy towns along the west coast. The owner wanted to revive the brand and was looking to drive traffic to her rental cabins. The idea was to go for something that was consistent and applicable across all of her locations.

The brand I developed provides the look and consistency that was needed. I wanted to keep the cabin/campy feel, but also make it a bit modern and up to date. The color palette is classic, but feels refreshing. The sans serif type is clean, and maintains that rugged feeling when paired with the script typeface used across logo variations and badge designs.


The mobile app concept puts the needs of the user first, with the design being easy to understand and navigate. Being able to search and reserve the cabins from your phone is a huge improvement for the brand, while boosting the overall experience for the user.

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