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Rimfire Whiskey

Rimfire represents the epitome of American whiskey, artfully infused with the essence of West Virginia's rich heritage. Inspired by a life unrestrained by boundaries, this meticulously crafted spirit is tailored for those who seek exceptional quality without exceeding their budget.

This brand's roots run deep in West Virginia lore, drawing inspiration from the legendary Eli "Rimfire" Hamrick—a true outdoorsman and adventurer extraordinaire.

The motto, "Be Bold. Find Your Mountain.", is more than just words—it's a call to action to chase your dreams, just like Eli did. It's about embracing challenges head-on and finding your own path to the top, whatever that may be.

Within a year of Rimfire entering the market, the brand needed some advertising to help continue to grow and expand into new markets. I collaborated with a small team to create the overall look and feel, as well as messaging for the campaign. The deliverables for the project included sales materials such as posters, sell sheets, table tents, etc. Full social media overhaul, and various merchandise pieces. 

The idea behind the campaign was to maintain the outdoor heritage the brand was built upon, but create modern scenarios the consumer could picture themselves participating in. Activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and camping are what spearheaded the creative direction. 

The headline "Get Out And..." was paired with various images of what the viewer could actually go out and do, finding their mountain if you will. Instead of spelling out the activity in the headline, the statement ends with “...” By having an open ending, it allows the viewer to interpret the image on their own terms, and what it means to them.


Are they an avid camper who wants to go off into the woods with their friends for the weekend? Are they brand new to camping and don’t know the first thing to starting a fire but have been wanting to go out and give it a try? It’s a campaign that speaks to both seasoned pros and total novices.


Just like the whiskey, it works for everybody. It’s a call to action. To be bold, and find your mountain.

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